Red Bull Racing: Energy Station

The Red Bull Energy Station, what an impressive temporary structure this is even without Monaco additions

The largest surface area of all of the Motorhomes

The luxurious Red Bull Energy Station is the team’s motorhome, however a very fancy one which is floating in the harbour of Monaco next to the paddock.

The Energy Station, transported by 24 trucks and is put up over two days by 40 riggers, is build on a barge. A second barge is used for the terrace.


Due to the reduced space in the harbour of Monaco the set-up will be prepared in Imperia. This preparation fase takes about 3 weeks.  Once the main preparations are finalized both barges are towed to Monaco. In Monaco the two barges will be connected and the Energy Station is fully operational.

Look and feel

From the front, the Energy Station looks like a nightclub cum restaurant. But behind the scenes are the drivers’ rooms, offices, meeting place, Team HQ and physio facilities.

The Principality of Monaco is a luxurious and modern environment. The Red Bull Racing Team knows better than any other team in the paddock how to adapt themselves to this lifestyle.

Aqua Events provided Red Bull during the last four years with the platform underneath the Energy Station. This platform consists of 2 offshore barges, which are connected in the harbour of Monaco.
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